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Wolf Brewing Co. is committed to producing award winning
craft beers of the highest quality for craft beer newcomers
and enthusiasts alike.  We are driven to be excellent
stewards of our community, and better the lives of
our employees and guests.


Founded by Derek Wolf and Elaine Wolf (along with their brew dog, Archer), Wolf Brewing has earned 123 awards from all 50 states with 55 different beers. 


After receiving a Mr. Beer Kit for Christmas in 2010, Derek began dabbling in homebrewing.  Within a few short months, he purchased homebrew supplies and began making his own wild concoctions.  Early favorites included his Yuzu IPA, Pumpkinhead Ale and Tropical Passion IPA.  Derek was eager to learn more about craft beer.  After reading multiple books about brewing, he studied for the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) Examination and became a Recognized BJCP Judge in 2014.  Derek judged multiple homebrew competitions and became a Certified BJCP Judge in 2015. With a bachelor's degree in Business Administration/Marketing and a career in medical sales, Derek loves the science behind making beer.  Derek completed the Advanced Brewing Theory Program from the Siebel Institute World Brewing Academy in September 2019.

Elaine has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration/Management and a career in human resources.  Prior to her human resources career, Elaine worked over 8 years in the restaurant industry, having worked almost every job in a restaurant.  She has always wanted to be an entrepreneur and run her own business, so along with Derek's brewing aspirations, a future brewpub seemed to be the perfect fit.  Elaine came up with our goal of winning an award in every state.


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