SINCE 2011

SINCE 2011



Original Wolfpack Membership - Business Level



  • Schedule one company happy hour at your business (for a maximum of 100 people, all 21 years of age or older) - featuring Wolf Brewing Co. beer and appetizers.  Our co-founders, Derek and Elaine Wolf, will bring our beer festival setup (including our 10'x10' canopy, if outdoors) to your business for a 4-hour pouring event.  Three 5-gallon kegs, three different appetizers and lawn games (if outdoors) will be provided at the event.
  • 2 tickets to our launch party
  • 2 Original Wolfpack Member t-shirts
  • 2 Original Wolfpack Member beer glasses
  • 2 Original Wolfpack Member stainless steel coasters
  • 2 Wolf Brewing logo frisbees
  • An invitation to our soft opening weekend, which will occur prior to the date that we officially open to the public.
  • Your business name listed on a framed placard, showcased in the brewpub.
  • Six specialty crowler releases (two 32oz. crowlers per release), exclusively available for Original Wolfpack Members only (not available to the public). After Wolf Brewing is fully operational, members will receive one release of two 32oz. crowlers on a quarterly basis, until all six releases are complete.



1. THESE TERMS: 1.1) These terms govern the sale of Original Wolfpack Memberships by Wolf Brewing Company (hereinafter “Company”) and will for the basis of the contract between us and you (hereinafter “You” or “Member”). 1.2) Please read these terms carefully before you purchase an Original Wolfpack Membership. These terms explain the rights and responsibilities of the parties. 2. ORIGINAL WOLFPACK MEMBERSHIP CONTRACT: 2.1) Acceptance of your purchase for membership in the Original Wolfpack Mambership shall occur upon the receipt of your purchase, the clearance of your payment and the receipt of confirmation from Company. By completing a purchase for membership and payment of membership fee, you are representing that all information provided is true and accurate. Knowingly providing false information on membership application/purchase shall be considered a violation of the terms and conditions and shall nullify all rights and benefits conferred upon Member. 2.2) Original Wolfpack Members must be United States Citizens and over the age of 21. 2.3) Company reserves the right to refuse any order. Refusals may be, but are not limited to, ineligibility or changes in circumstance, and all such refusals shall be delivered in writing, and a full refund shall be issued. 2.4) Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion to limit or cancel Orders purchased per person, per household or per order. These restrictions may include orders placed under the same name, the same credit card or the same billing or mailing address. 3. PRICING: 3.1) All pricing information on the website is correct at the time of going online. Company reserves the right to modify prices and alter or remove any membership package without any notice at any time. 3.2) All memberships shall be subject to a 6% Pennsylvania Sales Tax. 3.3) Membership is non-transferrable and no membership benefits can be borrowed, loaned, or used by any individual other than the Member. 4. DELIVERY OF GOODS: 4.1) All physical goods a member is entitled to under this Agreement (hereinafter the “Goods") will require the Member to pickup the goods in person at Wolf Brewing Company. It is Member’s responsibility to ensure the correct contact information is provided and it is Member’s responsibility to notify Company of any change in contact information. Member may assign a proxy for pickup of goods. The assigned proxy must be a United States Citizen and over the age of 21, and the Member must complete the 'Original Wolfpack Membership Assigned Proxy Form' prior to pickup. Company shall not be responsible for any late or failed pickup, if the Member does not pickup available goods in person within 30 days, or if Member's contact information is incorrect or incomplete. 4.2) Company shall not be liable for failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any obligations under these terms and conditions due to circumstances beyond Company’s control including but not limited to acts of God, changes in law, changes in circumstances, and any and all contingencies relating to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 5. OTHER IMPORTANT TERMS: 5.1) All membership benefits related to future access to beer or malt beverages produced by Wolf Brewing Company are subject to Wolf Brewing Company obtaining all necessary state and federal licensing, and approvals. Purchase of a Original Wolfpack Membership shall not be construed as a guarantee of future sale or rights to any beer or malt beverages from Wolf Brewing Company, nor shall it be construed as the current sale or the offer for sale of any beer or malt beverage by Wolf Brewing Company. 5.2) In the event that Wolf Brewing Company does not obtain the necessary state or federal licensing required for the manufacture and sale of beer on or before December 31, 2021, or if for any other reason, Wolf Brewing Company is unable to sell beer or malt beverages, Original Wolfpack Members shall be entitled to a refund of their Membership fee, minus the cost of all merchandise provided by Wolf Brewing Company, which all members shall be entitled to keep. 5.3) Any rights, privileges or promotions offered under the Original Wolfpack Membership shall be part of a “Mug Club” as defined by 47 P.S. § 4-493(24), and shall be subject to approval by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. All rules and regulations for Mug Clubs shall apply. 5.4) Wolf Brewing Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change or alter membership benefits under the Original Wolfpack Membership, or to change these Terms and Conditions. 5.5) If any of the benefits under this Original Wolfpack Membership or any of these terms and conditions are prohibited under Pennsylvania or Federal Law, or are held to be void or unenforceable, shall be severable and shall not invalidate or render unenforceable the remaining benefits, terms, or conditions of the Membership or these Terms and Conditions. 5.6) Purchase of any level of Wolf Brewing Co. Original Wolfpack Memberships does not entitle you to ownership in Wolf Brewing Co. or any affiliated entity. The purchase of this membership is not intended to be a sale of stock or other security in Wolf Brewing Co. or an affiliated entity and you shall not be entitled to any rights of ownership including but not limited to a share of profits or governance rights. 5.7) Any beer recipe, name, logo, or other intellectual property developed by Member or by Wolf Brewing Co. in conjunction with a Member of the Original Wolfpack Membership as part of the benefits offered through the Original Wolfpack Membership shall be the sole and exclusive property of Wolf Brewing Co. Member agrees and acknowledges that he/she shall have no ownership rights in any intellectual property developed as part of the Member’s benefits, whether such rights are currently owned or acquired in the future and Member further acknowledges that membership does not grant a license to the Member for use of any intellectual property of Wolf Brewing Co., without the express written consent of Wolf Brewing Co.


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